Busy, busy, exciting times

August is looking like a very busy month for us. The web site has changed with a strong emphasis on model kits - you can still find the rest, just enter "Toys & Games" in search box. We'll make that a bit easier soon - just finding ways round Shopify's limitations.

From now on you will be able to phone us and pay by all major cards - we know a lot of you prefer to talk to a person.

We are now Airfix dealers too - look out for the best known name in kits on the site in the next few days.

And now the REALLY BIG NEWS. Ripon is getting a model shop. We're chopping off a bit of our new warehouse and opening to the public. Hours will be a bit limited at first - we think three days a week and don't expect fitted carpets but the stock will more than make up for it I promise you. Opening late August, trust me you will know the date as soon as I do. Just waiting for more phones and computers and stuff, plus I suppose I should make some shelves and paint the concrete floor.



We're doing a show.... really!

Yea well we said we wouldn't but we were offered a late pitch at a good price and it's only round the corner(ish). We've done no preparation, no fancy banners and stuff but we will be there with some special show offers.

Newby Hall Classic Car Show on the Ripon to Boroughbridge road - just Google Newby Hall, North Yorkshire.

We would love to see you there and have a chat, we think we can cram about a third of our stock in to the cars - van, whats a van?

It's our first show and a bit unexpected so I'm afraid we don't have one of them satylite card reader things - folding only for now, sorry.


The dreaded maintainance

If you're trying to find things on the site this morning (Sunday) you may experience some problems - some fairly drastic work to be done to try and fix the sold/duplicate issues.

Should be over and done with by lunch time - which just means I can't have lunch until it's done. I'm aiming for 1pm, but I do have biscuits.

Crazy Corgi Bus Sale

Any Corgi bus fans out there? We're tripping over the little devils so we're having a promo sale for the web site, half price or less on all stock. Exclusive to Veteranus for a while - then we'll let Ebay loose on it.

Working on it

We're learning how to use this thing now - sort of, it should be getting a bit brighter and easier to use. We know that some products are duplicated but I'm working on that.

We've added some great new stock lately, fantastic huge out of production kits and a lot more new kits from major names.

Forgot the important bit !!

How could I forget?  We've reduced our UK postage rates to an amazing £3.00 for your whole order regardless of size or weight. If you spend £100 or more delivery is free. That's the whole of the UK, not just the mainland.


First Post

It seems to have taken forever to get this up and running but we're finally there - sort of. It's all a bit clunky and some of is lifted straight from our Ebay store but it works, mostly.

Overseas customers will have a problem finding postage rates, they're not on here yet. It's actually a huge task to sort them out and may take a little time, meanwhile please get in touch - we will send most things to most countries.