Busy, busy, exciting times

August is looking like a very busy month for us. The web site has changed with a strong emphasis on model kits - you can still find the rest, just enter "Toys & Games" in search box. We'll make that a bit easier soon - just finding ways round Shopify's limitations.

From now on you will be able to phone us and pay by all major cards - we know a lot of you prefer to talk to a person.

We are now Airfix dealers too - look out for the best known name in kits on the site in the next few days.

And now the REALLY BIG NEWS. Ripon is getting a model shop. We're chopping off a bit of our new warehouse and opening to the public. Hours will be a bit limited at first - we think three days a week and don't expect fitted carpets but the stock will more than make up for it I promise you. Opening late August, trust me you will know the date as soon as I do. Just waiting for more phones and computers and stuff, plus I suppose I should make some shelves and paint the concrete floor.



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