It just never stops

It's time for this web site to grow up a bit, we're making some major changes over the next few weeks to bring you a great shopping experience. New search so that you can find your kit faster, search by brand, scale, type or price. It's now easier to find kits from every major manufacturer and a few harder to get names.

We're cutting the price of at least 15 model kits every day - and they will stay cut! Same great personal service and discount prices too.

We've split the site from Ebay so no more duplicated listings and annoying waffle on the pages - just a straight description.

I promise to get the overseas postage sorted out properly sometime soon, meanwhile drop us an email.

Another new feature is that we've added more payment options - you can now use major cards, including Amex, through the checkout.

Veteranus Model Kits shop in Ripon is rapidly gaining a reputation as one of the best stocked kit shops in the country, just as well we have a free car park, people are travelling from far and wide to browse and even buy sometimes. A refit is planned over the winter to bring even more discount kits in store.

NEW PRODUCTS: Watch out for a full range of scenics and accessories along with HO/OO railway kits. They're on the way.

We hope you enjoy the new look lean and mean discount model kit web site, by the time the changes are finished I'll be getting the hammer and nails out to refit the shop - still no carpets though.



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