Do you have unbuilt model kits that are just taking up space?

Free up space and cash.

Free collection *

No fuss - best prices and best of all - no effort required from you.

Most collectors have tried selling on their surplus through Ebay and similar, some enjoy it but for most it's a load of work and hassle.

We will sell your kits through our frequent specialist "live" on line auctions to our members worldwide, pack and post them to the winning bidders and pay you - usually within 2 weeks of the auction finishing.

All you need to do is box them up and sit back.

Whilst auction prices can never be guaranteed our auctions generally achieve prices at the top end of expectations.

Unlike most auctioneers we are specialists - Most items will be auctioned as single lots to get the best possible exposure and prices but we reserve  the right to group low value items together as one lot.

We charge a straight forward commission, we pay all Paypal & card charges, outgoing packing costs and cost of collection from you*. We do not charge buyers a commission, we find this encourages higher bids.

What can we sell for you?

We will sell almost everything model related. We do not handle glazed prints and pictures, paints ( unopened paint sets are OK) and built kits. 

* Free collection on UK Mainland only. Minimum sales value applies.

For more information contact us, sales@veteranus.co.uk - 01765 647828

Great bargains & hard to find stuff for buyers too - CLICK HERE to see how it works & join the auctions. You will need Facebook on your device.


Terms & Conditions for Vendors Submission of lots or collections for sale is taken as acceptance of these terms.

The vendor warrants that all lots are their own property or that they are otherwise entitled to dispose of the goods.

Only complete and unstarted kits will be accepted for sale- Box condition is not important.

Due to the weight and subsequent cost of postage, books are no longer accepted. Any books that are sent in error will be sold at the higher rate of 66% commission or returned to the vendor at their own expense. 

Lots will be placed in the first available auction on our Facebook group.

Lots may not be withdrawn once the auction has been posted. Lots may be withdrawn before the start of the auction and can be returned to the vendor only at their expense. Ancillary costs incurred may be charged such as transport/delivery  costs & any time if any spent by us processing the items etc.

  Low value items of less than £15 may be grouped together as one lot (though these will be kept in small groups )

The "hammer price" is final, be aware that whilst we usually obtain very good prices there is no guarantee. We do not normally accept reserves but understand that occasionally it may be necessary. If you want a reserve price please discuss it with us before submitting lots.

In the event of a bidder not paying, a rare event, the lot may be offered to the highest losing bidder or held over for the next auction. Unsold lots usually will be held over for the next auction, they can be returned to the vendor on their request at the vendors expense.

Monies raised from the sale will be paid to the vendor when all buyers have paid and kits have been sent and no issues have arisen from said kits with regards completeness, faulty etc usually approx 14 days after the auction. An itemised breakdown of each ltem sold is not normally part of the service but can be provided at cost of £10

Waiting times are usually 2-3 weeks but can sometimes be considerably longer Veteranus Hobbies will retain 33.333 % which is one third (1/3) of the hammer price as commission. Veteranus Hobbies will pay all Paypal and other charges directly associated with transactions between the buyer and Veteranus.

Veteranus will arrange delivery to winning bidders, a charge is made to the buyer for this service which does not form part of the hammer price.

All our auctions are conducted under the VAT Auction House Scheme, no VAT can be recovered by the vendor. The vendor is generally responsible for delivery of lots to Veteranus. However we will arrange and pay for collection by Parcelforce of lots or collections where we agree the likely sale value to be over £250. Boxes should be of a "good " size of between 600 x 500 x 500 mm and 750 x 550 x 550mm. Small boxes may incur a surcharge 



Acquire a box or boxes - the bigger the better - put your unwanted kits in it, decide when you would like them collected, then phone or email us. That's it! We will need to know the collection date, an address, a phone number, how many boxes and where to send your money.

Please note: Lots of small boxes may incur a charge - we have to pay Parcelforce per box. If you can't get a big box tape smaller ones together - use plenty of tape to make sure they don't come apart.

For more information contact us, sales@veteranus.co.uk - 01765 647828