Another leap in the dark - and freebies

You'll all have worked out by now that we take risks, we like to push the model business back toward it's proper place. In this case it's the High street. Model shops have retreated to industrial estates and then the internet and often to low or zero stock spare room businesses - not the service you need.

Veteranus have reversed this process, we started as an internet only business, we opened a warehouse cum shop and now we have gone full circle.

On Saturday 30th July our new shop opens on High Skellgate in Ripon, just 50 metres off the Market Square. The outside won't look very exciting, it's a very old listed building and we can't change it much - inside you'll find the most up to date stock anywhere in the country.

We are introducing regular free prize draws for our internet customers and to celebrate our new shop the first draw has a spectacular prize - the amazing and beautiful Evolution 2 in 1 airbrush worth £130. All you have to do is open an account on the website, no purchase is necessary - make sure you enable marketing to get updates on this and future free draws.

Our existing shop has now closed, unfortunately there will be no customer service telephone until 29/07/16 - pathetic I know, we chose the wrong Telecom provider. Enquiries will still be dealt with by email and web site contact.

There may be some slight delays in delivery during this time, especially mid week, but no more than a day or two.

Meanwhile, a lot of work to do fitting out the new shop and moving stock - it's going to be a long weekend. The upside is that the new shop on High Skellgate is very near our house and Alex the Cat is delighted. We took him round for an inspection and it was clear that the yard was already part of his territory, happy cat.

Oh yes, products. We have some new and unusual brands coming very soon, Veteranus constantly strives to bring you the kits you can't get elsewhere. There's big news coming for Model Railway fans too, more of that in a week or two.


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