New stuff and downtime - in a good way

It's your fault, you keep buying stuff and making us busy. Nothing to do with me being so rubbish at keeping up with the blog pages.

There's so much going on here that I can barely remember what's "new", sometimes it's all a blur. We're still growing at such a rate that stock is in and out before it even gets on the shelves - often before it gets on the web site. One day we'll get the order levels right, could all get a bit boring though.

We are, however, giving ourselves a bit of a break. We'll be closed for a whole three days from May 21st - extravagant or what. Even better, for us, we had a ticket buying splurge and booked a couple of gigs we're really excited about, Last Shadow Puppets at the end of May and (pause for drum roll) The Who in July. Makes all this work worthwhile, we're learning to have a life somewhere amid the work - even sneaked a couple of days at the races in the last month or two and last time came home with more money than we went with. I like that, a lot.

Ah right, I was supposed to be talking about the new products we have. Biggest capture for us was being appointed a dealer for the fantastic Harder & Steenbeck airbrush range, superb quality with prices from very reasonable to "how much?". We also keep a big selection of parts and accessories.

Following the paint theme we are now approved dealers for two unique ranges - Alclad2 Laquers and the incredibly versatile UMP products. Watch out for the Alclad touring masterclass at the shop this summer - no dates yet.

The latest aquisitions are the brilliant RP Toolz products from Hungary, we tried a few out and they went down so well that now stock their whole range - superb "hold n fold" etch benders, precision punch and die sets and beatifully made etch rollers.

Alex the Cat is in trouble this week. At 16 months he's more or less an adult cat and looks like one, he just behaves like a very big spoilt kitten most of the time, this week he decided to be a grown up and brought a bird home, then another two days later. I don't like that bit of cat behaviour - even though he did look quite funny proudly marching in with his first capture - but he is a cat and it's what cats do. He'll have to learn to eat his take aways outside though.

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