Episode 3 - Season 2. Alex tears his hair out

Why, you may ask, are we so slack with the blog thing? Well mostly it's because we're so busy bringing you great products that we tend to forget this bit but we have had a few problems too.
Unfortunately Nikki ( the blonde one) managed to get a rare illness that wiped her out for several months, I'm seriously happy to say she is finally on the mend thanks to a brilliant surgeon. Poor little Alex has also been poorly - look away now if you don't like gory pet details. Our feline associate managed to become resistant to his regular flea treatment ( or rather his occasional guests did) and at the same time got allergic to flea bites to the point where he literally stated pulling his fur out. Looks as though he's on the mend now too and nearly back his usual cute self.
We have great news for our customers. We've reduced our delivery charge to a ridiculous £1.50 for any UK order. Any amount, any size, any weight.
Since the last blog we've added so many new products I'm not even going to attempt to list them here - it would be very boring anyway. Suffice to say we now have over 3000 products on the site.
We now have the entire range of the market leading Metcalfe railway kits, always in stock and selling like hot cakes. Our Model Railway range is increasing by the week with major brands like Metcalfe, Peco, Roco, Bachmann and Gaugemaster on board.
I'm delighted to tell you that we have widened our relationship with the fantastic Mr Hobby range with the introduction of Procon Boy airbrushes - an odd name to us Englishers but a superb product range. Hairy stick users are not forgotten, we are now main UK dealers for Kolibri brushes, probably the best detail brushes money can buy.
Despite all this furious activity and poorlyness we have managed to get to some gigs, them what know us know that gigs and food are our favourite things.
First up was The Who, the guys are even older than me but what a show. probably the last time they will tour so we just had to make the trip.
Our favourite venue is Newcastle City Hall, only an hour from Ripon and one of the best venues in the country, you can get really close to the acts and the atmosphere is just brilliant. It was one of the haunts of my youth, saw some of the great bands there. We caught Last Shadow Puppets there not long ago, A couple of weeks back we went to see the amazing Pretenders, one of our favourite bands and I have to confess to a crush on Chrissie Hynde since time began (we're about the same age). Brilliant, just brilliant. The voice is still very much there and we were surprised by how engaging and funny she is. Big up to James Walbourne, brilliant lead guitar played support with his missus Kami (They are "The Rails") then a long set as lead guitar with The Pretenders. Where does he get all that energy? It's jealous that I am.
The only downside to the Pretenders gig was the A1 South, they closed it at Scotch Corner for roadworks at 11pm and the alleged diversions were a joke - just led you round in circles. As it happens I know the area around Richmond and Catterick very well and managed to work my way through the back lanes to get home - a stranger would have no chance. Come on guys get the signs right.
Peace love and prosperity to all of you and my usual promise to blog more often.
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