It's supposed to be quiet

August, they say, is the quiet month for the model kit business, the month we all go on holiday - they say.

We thought it would be a great time to do some updating, give both the web site and the Ripon model shop a bit of a makeover. One day some one will talk me out of these ideas, I hope. We actually closed the shop for a week and gave it a full re fit including, at last, a proper entrance and window, we did it ourselves - every screw, joint and drop of paint is our own work and we are rather pleased with the results. The Veteranus shop is now a bigger, brighter shopping experience. So what's wrong with that? We had more visitors that week than any other since we opened, the place was a building site but still they came in pursuit of plastic. We did our best to find the goodies people wanted but a few were disappointed, hopefully they'll be back now it's all bright and shiny - sales are already up, probably because customers can actually see stuff now.

Launching straight into (another) web rebuild when we finished the shop but we wanted to get it all done during the "quiet period". Needless to say we've had our busiest internet month ever and it all had to be found, packed and despatched from the building site.

One reason we have been so busy has to be the very late arrival of some of the Spring new releases ( yes, I did say Spring). The Tamiya and HK Models Mosquitos finally turned up - two brilliant big kits, the Dragon 1:35 Huey arrived last week for it's 2014 launch - a great complimentary kit for armour fans. There's a lot of great stuff coming along including the exciting 1:24 Mk1 Escort RS1600 from Belkits, surprisingly few dealers carry these superbly detailed kits - we have them all of course.

The next big job is to get our new range of Guagemaster railway accesories on the web site, they're available in the shop now if you can't wait.

So that's nice quiet August gone, bring on September.

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