Uschi Model Rigging Wire. 45 metre roll, 3 sizes available.

Uschi van der rosten


Model Rigging Wire
Uschi wire has an element of stretch to prevent accidental breakage.
45 Metre roll, available in 3 sizes
Standard 0.05mm dia, Fine 0.03mm, Superfine 0.01mm
For aircraft applications:-
  • ->Standard is your trusty friend on your 32nd and 48th scale rigging.
  • ->Fine is considerably thinner and the stuff that fits when it comes to control cables in the 32nd and 48th scale, for instance.
  • ->Superfine is pretty much spider web and will look supercool on your 72nd scale project. Its like on the real thing: actually you wont notice a rigging before you are pretty close to the aircraft.