Tankograd 9012 BAOR in Reforger



Tankograd 9012 BAOR in Reforger.

BAOR in REFORGER - Vehicles of the British Army of the Rhine in the REFORGER Exercises 1975-91 Great Britain participated in the American REFORGER exercises as an important NATO ally mainly with units of the British Army of the Rhine (BAOR). Initially only a small number of troops took part, but this increased to a brigade size contingent in 1978. The REFORGER exercises were of special value as they were usually conducted on authentic ground, one of the Warsaw Pact's possible invasion routes to the Rhine valley. Field training exercises (FTX) were always conducted in the open countryside. During the exercises the British Army units were well known for the fact that being tactical was considered being above everything else! This publication shows the vehicles of the BAOR participating in the exercises REFORGER 78 FTX Certain Shield to REFORGER 91 FTX Certain Shield. Published by Tankograd Quantity Photos and Illustrations: Illustrated with 83 colour photographs and 39 black&white photographs Text – Language: English text Number of Pages: 64 Published by Tankograd